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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Linked DooM and C&C was great on the PSx in its day - a lot of fun =) I still play WipEout regularly on the PSx / PS3 - Teken 3 I was recently playing it on sundays against my brother - and I have to admit I really am a little tastey with Baek - although if he is playing eddie on a good day - it can be a bit of a nightmare =)
Linked C&C was good fun. I enjoyed it despite having my arse constantly handed to me In Tekken 3 I used to be very handy with Lei WuLong. Eddie is a cheap button basher's character.

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
For me, old Lara jumping into the water on an early Tomb Raider demo disk from a PS1 magazine was the moment I realised that video games had really, really shifted up a gear...
I remember jumping in the water for the first time as well and being absolutely blown away.
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