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Linked DooM and C&C was great on the PSx in its day - a lot of fun =)

Although Mk3 was rather good - it does display the lack of memory the machine has - and how slow the implementation of memory was pulled to the screen - my favy character (Shang Tsung) was limmited to changing into only 3 other characters.

Since i knew off by heart all the characters, the specials and their finishing movies - I would play tsung all the time - thus compelely changing tactics during the fight... my opponent stood no chance at all - especialll when morphed into Shiva to stomp on their heads... ahhh fun times....

I will say that the SNES has the definitive version - Mortal Kombat 2 - and on that I can morph to any character =)

I still love Tomb Raider - and even for its incredible fuglyness its still has some key moments - like the diving into the water - the vastness of some of the levels is awesome!

but... its ulgy indeed.

Time Crisis / Die Hard / Point Blank were awesome shooter games!

I still play WipEout regularly on the PSx / PS3 - Teken 3 I was recently playing it on sundays against my brother - and I have to admit I really am a little tastey with Baek - although if he is playing eddie on a good day - it can be a bit of a nightmare =)
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