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I have mixed feelings on the PS One, I didn't own one at the time, but had a Sega Saturn and N64. A lot of my friends had them and I enjoyed the odd game or two - namely Pro Evo 1 and 2 which I thought was superior to any other footie game at the time but I didn't jump on to the bandwagon.

I now have a couple of consoles and have tried out some titles but I can't get on with it as a retro platform, it just does not sit right. The only console I feel happy with from that Era, is the 3DO and Sega Saturn because their games appeal to me more (e.g Cannon Fodder on the 3do and Sega Rally on the Saturn).

Still no denying that it was very popular and sold millions of those units all over the world, something must have been right!
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