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Originally Posted by Heavy Stylus View Post
The zip disk with the source and his other games has been formatted, and unless he still has some disks at his parents house, this is all that remains. However, one game is better than none
I realize the message I'm quoting is quite old, but for future reference, don't assume that if the disk seems to be unreadable or has been formatted that everything is lost.

It quite possibly is, but unless the disk has been filled with data again (and so it depends on how it's been formatted - whether the full disk was overwritten or just the directory wiped), it might not always be impossible to recover some or all file data. Depending on filesystem it can even be easy to recover.... (OFS for example is extremely redundant, and even if the entire directory is blown away you can recover most things quite easily).

The thing to do in cases like this is to have them create images, either ADF/DMS or if it's on formats like zip disks they can also easily create images under Linux with "dd".... Someone with suitable filesystem knowledge can then try to recover files.

It's not the first thing to try, but it doesn't hurt to ask people nicely if they don't mind trying to make disk images anyway for a last ditch effort if no other disks show up.
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