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Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
Having played the AGA version of Putty Squad back in the day (the demo version, that is), and having recently rediscovered it via WinUAE, I decided to sample the SNES version (courtesy of ZSNES) and compare the two.

The Amiga AGA demo version (and presumably the unreleased full game too) runs at 25fps PAL/30fps NTSC, while the SNES version runs at a much smoother 50fps PAL/60fps NTSC. This makes the game much more pleasing to the eye on the SNES version (emulated or on a real SNES), and indeed I noticed back in the day on my A1200 (before discovering the SNES version) that the AGA version's scrolling was less than smooth. The game actually feels considerably more fun with smoother scrolling.

I see no reasons why the AGA demo version would be less smooth than the full, unreleased game - no doubt that was the same (or why put out an inferior demo?)

I haven't seen any other technical comparisons between the two versions - I'm unsure if the SNES version has all the colours of the Amiga 1200 version based on the available demo (although it does appear to have all the parallax scrolling). Certainly the SNES had a much weaker CPU than the Amiga 1200 (but had plenty of graphical tricks up its sleeve).

Whether the full Putty Squad AGA (as sent to various magazine reviewers) will ever become available to play, which would no doubt be welcomed by many (although somewhat late), it nevertheless seems to me that the SNES version is superior for that particular game. ZSNES runs it well too.

Perhaps if the AGA version ever gets a full release (or just working with the demo), someone can write a speed hack to make it run as smooth under WinUAE as under ZSNES (without simply doubling the speed).
Until then, no doubt annoyingly to many Amiga fans, the SNES Putty Squad does appear to be the definitive original version, over the unreleased AGA version (even if we could download it)...
THe AGA version is smooth...I don't know if runs at 30 fps or 50 but it is smooth
if you tried it on winuae maybe is not smooth because you does not selected FULLscreen+VSYNC or because your pc is slow or because your monitor don't support 50hz or 100hz
but I can guarantee that on a real A1200 is smooth
anyways I don't like the way that putty squad on the SNES use the button triggers to punch to left and to punch to right
that confuse me
I prefer the way that works on the Amiga using a simple joystick button
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