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Playstation was knockout in it's day.It genuinely felt like a step up.We can all mock now but it blew a lot of us away.N64 and Super Mario 64 was also staggering i remember at the time

The graphics in 3d are rough as anything now but these worlds are still convincing unless you fixate on the comparitive visual failings which is a bit pointless.If people need games to feature the best graphics to enjoy what are still great games then there really isn't any point playing PSX.I'm still captivated by Atari 2600 games and their design spaces- Raiders of the lost Ark is 100% convincing an experience to me

The 3d from first Playstation still has charm like in fact all machines of old will regards to their visuals, and while i love the games, yes it looks like shit today technically speaking.However as game worlds themselves i find the visuals here as compelling as ever they were

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