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old demo

Gonna love how vague this is...

Having a clearout, came across a Posso box (!) full of floppies (!!) with some Amiga stuff (!!! - enough). Crikey, Marauder II, ProjectD... and a couple of demo disks. One of them is labelled "HOIS AGA", 'A1200 only'. I can remember some of the demo, it had a voice sample "red alert" (from Star Trek TNG perhaps?).

Having had a gander on YouTube, it isn't the Hoi Mindwarp demo. ISTR at the time some PD houses called it "HOIS AGA" and Hoi did release Hoi Saga - so maybe some confusion. I dont have an Amiga anymore, so cant play the floppy (sure it would work - all the PC disks in there do, just found my resettlement information from 1996...)

Any ideas? It was a small demo, all I can really remember is the "red alert... red alert" and some blue(?) vectors...

First time I saw it was at a copy party 'up North back end of '93...

EDIT: Trojans "Techno Tracks 2"... does anyone have it as an .ADF?

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