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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
Modern LCD TV's (especially large ones) make the real N64 graphics look like crap.

The games looked so much better on good old CRT TV's.
The same problem can occur when hooking up a PlayStation 1 or Amiga to a modern LCD or plasma display. The problem seems to be shoddy upscaling from the low resolution analogue video signal. Perhaps some modern TVs work better with old hardware.

A modern PC with emulators such as Project64, ePSXe and WinUAE is likely to look much better on a modern display than the original machines (especially with HDMI output), even before you add (optional) higher resolution 3D rendering, 2D pixel filters, and so on. Plasma displays tend to have less motion blur than their large LCD counterparts, so a plasma might be better than an LCD for such games (with scrolling more like on old CRT TVs/monitors).

A strict purist would want the original machine(s) with a CRT screen though.

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