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Well a bit of a rant comming here!

Ohhhh Jon Hare you have fallen from grace not by your own doing but by bastard firms like m$ buying everything insight and stuff the talent, the games, the legends!

i read his interview and his comments on gamesdomain link above and i really can't believe it.

Sensible where Amiga and everything it stood for the best games and sod 3d rubbish. Am i the ONLY one sick to death of playing 3d shooters and CnC clones really it's getting boring.

I got my PC in early 95 for believe it or not for DOOM cause i had seen it on a m8's pc. what have we had since doom,quake,half life, unreal the list goes on and on. PC ppl say Ohhhh we pc users can't have that we don't like that sort of game What Shite, how many Ex / Current Amiga owners we have here 600? was a recent quote. Or Had Amiga ney Commodore 64, spectrum, ST the list is massive thousands of ppl!

Have any of you guys seen M$ Flight sim 2002 YAWN and we pc ppl like these games do we???

I Played GBA international karate the other day and now that reminds me of classic gamming, also Speedball gba and Gods is out too! can they not see these games genre's would be fantastic on Pc! Specially now since PC ain't old blue eye's anymore

Of course what about GREAT games like Meglomania (one of my all time faves) that did come out on pc but running it now forget it!
What about Wizball (Amiga version was pants but c64 Amazing!)

Emulation is keeping our Amiga's, C64, Speccy nay even ST's alive lest we not forget!

Sorry i went on a bit but it all got to me Great days shoved aside tho they didn't exist all hail HALO NOT!
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