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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I absolutely LOVE WipEout -

I know that the 3D graphics are quite lame by today's standards - but for me they still have this charm about them - for all its faults my good friend Yorkie and I started Friday - Curry night gaming with Need-For-Speed 1 and 2 --- yeah there ugly... but as GAMES go they still have that "something" that is missing from a lot of todays games.

I would say a game is more than just its graphics - although they do play an important part in helping to identify with the game.

So I think that it would be fairer to say that has the PSx "Game Library" Library Aged gracefully.... and I am for one saying it has... while the grphaics in some games are down right unforgivable (to be fair they probably were that bad in the first place) theres a lot of good games that shine through.... just dont play'em on a larger than 32" screen

Y'know, I actualy physically have quite a bit PSx game collection - didn't knew I had it -- untill I found out I had it lol... errr just now... gotta be close to about 100 PSx Games... figure that.
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