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Saturn is like owning a real arcade system at home if you know what to look for and hook it up to a 1084.

I had the oppurtunity a couple of years ago to play through 90% of the library on the N64 with the backup unit and there was some great games in there, you just had to look for them. My favorite one was Yoshis Story, I was 26 year old and it was a kiddie game 5 out of 5 but so much fun! 2D side scroller. Surprisingly another favorite was Worms because it worked so well with the N64 analog stick. Also Snowboard Kids, awesome games with delicious tracks.

So the N64 have surprises in there, the biggest surprise, I did not like most of the mainstream games at all, Mario64, GoldenEye etc... fell a sleep in my couch. Even Conker was boring (had to buy that one).
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