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That N64 controller we have it here too.

HEY! This NES with keyboard looks like our "Magic Computer"

Itīs a rather popular computer, that looks like an A500, with a 386 processor, some basic built-in programs (Word editor, calculator, basic and stuff like that) , printer port , and it also had a slot to put NES cartridges and 2 joypads!!

I was always PISSED OFF when people came at my house, see my Amiga and said "Hey! Thatīs a Magic Computer"

Our "Polystation" looks exactly like a Playstation, with PSX joypads, and the Polystation 2 looks exactly like a Playstation 2 with the joypads too.

The Polystation 2 is SO similar to the Playstation 2 that nearly got me.
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