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Hi guys, you'll be pleased to learn that I have a full registered version of Beetle.

I loved the CU Amiga demo so much that I ordered the full version from the author.

I remember back in the day phoning the author up and having a really nice chat with him. He was explaining the tools he used to code the game up, as I was interested in coding for the Amiga.

Some 15 odd years on I've still yet to do ANY game coding for the Amiga *laughs*

Anyway, what's the best way for me to get this to you. I'm planning to get my Amiga networked up in the next month or so, so should (depending on how easy it is to get an expanded Amiga online) lha/dms the disk up and upload it. Failing that I could send a copy out via post.

Are we working in the same manner as World of Spectrum, whereby efforts are made to contact the original authors, and if we receive no reply we make the titles available until we hear otherwise?
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