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Originally Posted by Ionise View Post
@ Stareye

Hey dude i am with you all the way but one game you guys forgot to mention was TOMB RAIDER when i played that game for the first time every new room had an immense feeling of atmosphere and emersion like no other before it all made possible by the GFX of the day and the fantastic music.

FFVII my fave game of all time still have a mint copy and PSX to play it on.
I agree it's a great game, but I don't think it's aged as well graphically compared to those I mentioned. Can't deny it's still a decent game though.

The first Playstation is my favourite console ever, and although it was my first console, I'd rate it as highly as Amiga when it comes to games. It has a vast bunch of the best games ever made, and a console that can tout that horn has not aged badly. The good games will always be good. If the graphics are bad today, they weren't very good back then either.
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