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The PSx is an amazing little beastie - did you guys know that there was an official game released for it in 2006 by Squaresoft ?

it was a rehash of their Front Mission series of turn-based RPG's (with mech's) - it included all the original outings of the first three releases on the SNES - unfortunately it only got a Japanese release =(

There are somany fantastic games on the PSx it certainly deserves all the acolades and credit it gets!

I still play many PSx titles today on my PSP that I converted (like wipeout / Chrono Cross / Destruction Derby 2 and 3) - on a handheld the graphics are pretty good IMHO!

However on a 42" plasma.... they suffer hard - infact some games are nothing short of hideous - and I am afraid to say that Need For Speed would be up in that list.

Some games had a that mysterious and rare quality known as Game Play - and this helps you past the hideousness of the some of the very poor graphics (usually the first two years worth of game relases)

However one game that still amazes me is GranTurismo 2 - the replays are still stunning when know what the hardware is underneath the plastic cowling!

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