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The PS1,Saturn,N64 etc were the first real machines that allowed for 3d at the heart of their visuals so they will of course look comparitively shit but there will always be a charm to them like there is also of most of the Mega cd games for example- being these types of things will always be very unique

What you can consider though as the ugly part to these first games is they were'nt very clean- in the sense that they effectively turned into lego the closer you got to them.N64 did fare better in this respect but it was also quite fuzzy too.It's there at the very least you can argue simple flat shaded polygons age better and that Amiga in this case wouldn't be quite the same to compare

I love the era that was PS1 and of course all the great games, but i can see why people may not.That said i fall into older game worlds far easier than the games of today because of how minimal they were back then.I'm less captivated by the game worlds of today's games the more they aproach realism

Some people though just find it hard to adjust back and that results in a less enjoyable experience when they play some of the older stuff.A shame really as this applies to newcomers that would enjoy some of these often better experiences of today
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