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Yes, because being able to see past the graphcis are such a bad thing. Obviously, this is a very subjective thing, but these games I mentioned in no way represents the games you pretend to describe. NFS 1 and 2 aren't exactly the best looking games, but they're very playable. NFS3 and 4 doesn't in any way qualify for what you describe.

NFS3: [ Show youtube player ]
NFS4: [ Show youtube player ]
Crash Bandicoot: [ Show youtube player ]
Crash Team Racing: [ Show youtube player ]

I don't think I need to say anything about the Final Fantasy games, they just look astonishingly beautiful with it's pre-rendered backgrounds - despite the characters in FFVII and VIII looking bad. FFIX on the other hand...

[ Show youtube player ]

Also, when the gameplay is good, it shouldn't matter. As long as the graphics doesn't intervene with the gameplay, it shouldn't matter. And none of these games are so bad looking that it detracts from the enjoyment, unless you're a graphics whore.

Oh, and if anything, we should LEARN from the kids. Not play all grown up and say "they don't know any better", because if anyone knows about having fun, it's kids. And in this case, games are about having fun.

EDIT: forgot about Rayman. You can look it up, but I'm sure you know about that one. There are lots of other 2D games on the PS1 that's worth playing and quite good looking, like Castlevanai: Symphony of the Night and Tombi 1/2.

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