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Originally Posted by StarEye View Post
Couldn't care less about graphics, if the gameplay is there - and I've tried most of these games regularly since they were released. I can't belive you pull the "rose-tinted-glasses" card on an Amiga forum!

My son and daughter play Crash Team Racing regularly, for example.
Well I could care about graphics, I could care when they are at times so shockingly bad, that its difficult to distinguish between foreground and background, and Need For Speed was one of the worst culprits you listed as well.

Its not about rose tinted anything, because lets face it, theres plenty of horrors on the Amiga, but when something looks bad, theres no disguising it no matter what system its on.

Younger kids are far less discerning as well, I wouldn't personally take much from the fact they play Crash Bandicoot.
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