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Originally Posted by StarEye View Post
Heh, PS1 has aged extremely well imo, since it's got some of the best games ever made. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy series comes to mind, and they're all just as playable as they were back then. Also, Gran Turismo 2 might not be considered state-of-the-art realism anymore, but it's bloody good fun (I try it out regularly, and the physics feels more arcadey nowadays, but it feels extremely good). One of my favourite racing games of all time, if not THE favourite.

There's also Crash Team Racing, considered by many the pinnacle of kart games outside of Mario Kart. Personally, I preferred the fantastic Speed Freaks, and I also had great fun with Muppet Kart Racing (can't remember the exact name).

Crash Bandicoot series has also aged extremely well, and so have the Spyro series. It also had a bunch of other jrpgs not called Final Fantasy that were great, like Chrono Cross (plus Chrono Trigger re-release, but that doesn't really count as it's really a SNES game), Vagrant Story and the severely underrated The Legend of Dragoon.

Not to mention, all the Need For Speed games were brilliant (except Porsche Unleashed, which sucked on the PS1 but were outstanding on the PC). And Ridge Racer Type 4 is still the best Ridge Racer game ever made. Tekken 3 is also considered the best Tekken game there is.

Oh, and don't forget Driver, both of which are great games. And the original GTA games (GTA1, London and GTA2).

In short, it's aged incredibly well, imo.

I was never a big fan of N64, but I loved OOT and Conker's Bad Fur Day. Wasn't a big fan of FPS back then, and still isn't, so Perfect Dark and Golden Eye did nothing for me. Probably the worst Nintendo console ever (not counting Virtual Boy).
I suggest you go look at some of those 'great' games on the PS1, theres lots that haven't aged well at all, graphically quite horrific to look at now with its horrible chunky pixel 3D vectors.
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