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And just to mention

The pad is something people seem to have problems with being i guess it is a little different and not a Playstation.With that said, the analog - providing it is clean inside - is the most sensitive of all and detects more subtle range.If you learn to aim entirely via the analog stick in Goldeneye, you will notice a more gradual and subtle movement than that of the jerk required for shooters these days- and i love my Halo and Gears.Even Nintendo themselves bodged the analog for GC despite it being a nice enough pad otherwise

Coming from using a PS or Xbox pad today then yes i could see how people find the pad as awkward but if we're looking at purely it's analog, N64 to this day is still far more accurate to use

Unlike pads these days their inner workings did fill up with stuff after lots of use and that made them harder to use, but then that was simply down to how well you treated them.Thumbs are also prone to slipping off a lot at times but that can avoided
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