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I like to think i wont get rid of my N64's.I had mine fitted with RGB output,though on a plasma it's all for nothing really- a crt and the difference is worth it if you love your real N64's

There are speed differences of course if you get the pal N64 but most people are fine with that - waverace and SM64 might change your mind if you see the two side by side - and of course pal games look a little nicer.An added bonus of some N64 pal games iv'e noticed is a reduction in areas of engine slow down- Star fox, Silicon Valley, Super Mario, Mario Kart all slow down at times while in NTSC and this is the very reason i play Mario 64 on emulator- pal version coming off playing how nippy Mario is on ntsc, makes it difficult to accept the pal version

The Borders may do your head in if using a pal machine unless it's a Rare game and their games also appear running at intended speed

I suggest trying the emulators first as they're mostly there.For Goldeneye - a game that even now is stunningly playable - you really have to own a real N64, and for as cheap as that will be to get, you honestly should

The Wii version of Goldeneye, they wont be using any of the Rare level design so it's going to be a whole new game but one that feels in keeping with the original and the film
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