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Another newbie!

Hi folks.

My name is Darren, and I was very into Amigas in my teens... A long time ago! (I imagine that's the same for many here!)

I had an A500 when I was about 12, and remember saving for quite a while to buy myself a 20MB A590 HD for it, a year or so later. That purchase was probably the defining moment of my interest in IT in general.

About another year later I upgraded it to a 52MB GVP. (Are those still about... Seem rare as hen's teeth, based on Ebay!)

Another year on and I sold it all to fund the purchase of an A1200 with internal 60MB drive. It was an awesome machine, and I got a lot of fun out of it. But at that time, I was switching my attention towards PCs, so - looking back - the A1200 doesn't hold the nostalgic value that an A500+HD does for me.

Moving on several years (maybe 7 or 8?) and I bought a load of Amiga stuff in a car boot. But mostly due to lack of space in my house, it has spent almost all its time up on the loft. Move on another 6 or 7 years and we're up to last week... I finally decided to sell it all. So I put it on Ebay, and posted a link to it in the 'Ebay links' thread here. It went for a bargain £97. I was kind of hoping for me, but oh well!

Anyway, in that 'Ebay links' thread, I claimed my post would probably be my "first and last post", given that I was getting shot of all the Amiga stuff.

But now it's all sold, I find myself dabbling in WinUAE. I've just installed the ClassicWB_UAE, and downloaded loads of the WHDLoad stuff from the KillerGorilla site. And I've just paid to register WHDLoad!! (Looking forward to receiving my file.)

So, it seems I'm hooked again (if only 'virtually')!!

I was never a part of the hacker scene back in the day. I probably would have liked to be, but never really knew how to get involved. As for these days... I'm reasonably computer-competent. I used to develop software for a living (in Java and .NET), but these days I'm mostly stagnating as a Technical Architect... Which basically means I find myself with less and less 'real' skill with each passing day! Not good, given my absolutely horrendous memory!

Anyway, this is an awesome board you have here. And you clearly have some really knowledgeable and helfpul folk about... and a few legends, if I read correctly!

Which is handy... Because I can't really remember much about using Amigas. So I may end up bugging you guys to get me up and running again. Hopefully I wont contravene to many board rules along the way!!

Sorry about the long, rambling intro! I'm looking forward to finding my way again, with your help.
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