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Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Slightly off topic here, sorry.
If fat95 were in rom would it be possible to boot from a fat95 partition? would you need extra software to mount it first?
The answer to that unfortunately is no. Fat95 is only a means for the Amiga's operating system to see files on a PC Fat formatted drive as in the compact flash transfer method. It still is a brilliant piece of software and does what it is meant to do fantastically well. The Amiga itself uses a different format and while it is capable of reading files via the fat95 and crossdos methods, it can't really use those files to boot up or anything more useful than reading a text document or viewing a picture that was meant for a PC (using other programs), it does however let you transfer files to and from a CF card and the likes that you wouldn't have otherwise been able to do.

I think there is a way to use a CF card via the PCMCIA as a hard drive but it needs a floppy disk to boot it up first, I never tried that myself so I couldn't advise you how to go about it.

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