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Last version of LhA to support Kick 1.3?

Was delving into one of the Aminet CDs (#29) lately and uncovered v1.94 - the first version released after Jim Cooper took over from Stefan Boberg and made it freeware. I hope to up this to the EAB Server at some point.

The guide confirms it can run on Kick 1.2 and above. The next appearance of LhA on an Aminet CD (#31) was already on v2.1, and this version lacks Kick 1.x support, so it must have been dropped around the advent of the big 2.0 release, if not earlier than that. The changelog in 2.1 reveals that there have been releases marked 1.95-1.99, 1.100 and 1.110. I heard Bloodwych was working on a 1.3-ish ClassicWB lately so it might be cool to have the latest possible version of 1.3-friendly LhA on board. The only problem is that I can't find those aforementioned "in-between" releases anywhere. I could get in contact with Mr Cooper but I don't know his details, nor do I know if he's even still involved in Amiga programming anymore (somebody else handles the more recent releases now).

Anyone able to help out at all?
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