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I checked E-bay (I live in the UK) and there was quite a few Amiga 1200's

This one only had 1 hour 57 mins and was priced at £21:

This amiga 1200 is in good cosmetic and working condition.
It has a slight yellowing of the keys.
The case is not yellowed.
Disk drive works perfectly.

Comes with

Amiga mouse and power supply.
3.0 roms.
2mb of memory.

Or there was this one a bit more expensive at £51 with 4 days to go but looked nice:

Auction is for the Amiga 1200 which features a 200mb Hard Drive and the Zorro II 8mb Ram expansion board. This together with the 1200's 2mb on board makes a total of 10mb of Memory! Includes the Commodore Power supply(originally bundled with the 500 but works fine with the 1200), Commodore mouse, RF Lead (a bit loose) and a SG pro megadrive pad which is compatible with the Amiga. Software included on disk are Octamed full program on cover disk, Arcade snooker from Team 17 cover disk and is also the full program and the Secret of Monkey Island back up disks. Also some additional software on the HD including the Workbench operating system. All items have been tested working though the left button on the Mouse is a bit worn out but clicks fine. 1200 itself is in an excellent, cosmetic condition. Thanks for looking

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