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Originally Posted by roberthazelby View Post
@Mequa - You say that your WinUAE runs pretty flawlessly. I really must see this. I find that Amiga emulation is 'almost' there, but it's the smooth scrolling of the Amiga that it just can't get right.

I've found that you can have the emulation in 50hz, at the right speed, but with slightly 'chuggy' scrolling, or in 60hz, with smooth scrolling, but everything moves too darned fast.
This is a problem with PAL-based games which sync at 50Hz. Many PC monitors can only run at 60Hz, however UAE can speed up PAL Amiga games to sync to 60Hz - only this will speed everything up, and increase the sound pitch. This also requires a reasonably fast PC (Atom and Celeron can struggle here).

To play PAL games with smooth scrolling at the original speed, you'll need to hook up your PC to a 50Hz-capable monitor or TV (I use S-Video output on an old 40" back-projection SD TV, which is adequate for retrogaming), and adjust your display options (usually under your video card manufacturer's control panel) to select PAL/50Hz output for that screen. Make sure you've disabled cloned displays. WinUAE should then be able to sync to 50Hz on that display.

I find 60Hz adequate for most Amiga games though, and tend to enjoy the speed boost.
More dramatic speed boosts can be achieved by disabling Vsync and manually changing the speed in the config file from 60Hz to 120Hz. [ Show youtube player ] in turbo mode.

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