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Wow. Great to see a nice number of South West based Amiga users.

I've currently got a new 1200 motherboard on order, as the caps on mine seem to have died, meaning my sound is distorted and my right mouse button doesn't work.

Once I've got that installed, I'm going to replace the Xbox hard drive I have in there for a 4gig compact flash, and am also considering getting a PCMCIA network card. (I keep reading about issues with the PCMCIA port. I've got a 68030 card @ 50mhz and 32 megs of fast RAM. Will I encounter issues?)

@Mequa - You say that your WinUAE runs pretty flawlessly. I really must see this. I find that Amiga emulation is 'almost' there, but it's the smooth scrolling of the Amiga that it just can't get right.

I've found that you can have the emulation in 50hz, at the right speed, but with slightly 'chuggy' scrolling, or in 60hz, with smooth scrolling, but everything moves too darned fast.

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