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I realy realy hate the movie/music industry/tv industry.

Everything is so cookie cutter anymore, nobody takes risks of doing anything original because of the money involved. I havnt watched network tv regularly ever since seinfeld went off the air. I will see some letterman or SNL once and a while but nothing on a regular basis except for cable channels like HBO (soprano's, curb your enthusiasm, comedy specials, movies) History channel, discovery etc.

The networks dont want you to copy any of thier tv shows anymore because they want to sell you the entire season on DVD.

Movie makers are worried that if all the movies are shown on tv at HDTV resolution and sound that is as good or better then DVD people will just make thier own perfect digital dvd's from the boradcast and they will lose sales of dvd (the fact that HBO shows movies quite a while after its been on dvd/tape and network tv screws up movies with a shitload of commercials doesnt get factored into the equation)

Then we have tv manufacturers bitching about including digital tuners they rape us for now in a standard tv set. Once you make any tuner in the millions required for tv sets a year the cost goes way down, but so does the profit per each unit. Face it the standard tv is mostly a commodity just like vcr's and dvd's and computers. The sony vega's of the world are nice but most people buy the cheap panasonic/rca's anyway.

And the legislation for HDTV has loopholes to get all the people off the hook. Making it so 85% of your market must have digital before analog goes away means analog is here to stay. 85% of the people dont even have cable tellivision and thats been out since 1970's.

Why not just manufacture 1 standard digital to analog tuner with multiple outputs so that we can watch tv and still be able to record on our vcr's and keep our current tv's. if you make enough of them they will cost maybe $50 a piece. that way we can go digital in a year and everybody could save up for a box by then. Dont forget the standards have changed since HDTV was first announced and the early adopters got screwed in the resolution they can display on the $10K they purchased. If you want the 1040i resolution buy a new all digital tv (and alot will) but all current tv's will display the lower resolution digital resolution converted to analog (same as a dvd with svhs output).
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