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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
There's no reason why a 68000 series compatible CPU couldn't be made to run at GHz, except there's no market for one.

yes there's no reason ...there are not computers that uses 68k except a few AMigas and a few Atari ST and other minors devices
the origin o this was the cheat by Apple and IBM to kill the Commodore and to Kill the ATARI
they created the obsolete power PC
and the secret PACT was that they forced Motorola to leave the 68k upgrades

Apple in 1994 moved to powerPC processors without any justified reason....
investing money in a total hardware redesign and loosing compatibility with old software but with the reward of kill the others companies
leaving the Commodore and Atari without cpu upgrades....and forcing them to a total hardware redesign
The old theory between the RISC cpu VS CISC was pure crap and an successfully intent to destroy the competence
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