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David Makin
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David Makin - former Amiga programmer

Hi all, just joined to make sure everyone interested has a link to my old RPG Crystal Dragon, so here it is (apologies for ads/pop-ups):

Note - that it really is abandonware so don't worry about copyright issues !

Main original feature - rats that you can use as food (though you may catch disease), kill by throwing at the wall, and that will devour your food if put in sacks/chests next to food items while alive.

As to me - I'm still a programmer, latest work is "Free iCandy" for the iPhone 4 which is a *realtime* Julia Set animation program from Parys Technografx (who did Tower of Souls on the Amiga).
Who'd have thought a phone could ever do realtime fractals when we were programming the Amiga !!!

As you may have guessed my hobby is Fractal Art:
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