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It's one of those chicken and egg conundrums..

Most gamers didn't buy hard drives for their Amiga's because there were few games that would install and they were expensive...
(I think I paid over/around $500 for the HD for my A500, which is about what I paid for the A500 when I got it..)

Software companies didn't want to write games with HD installers because it was a small market, and the copy protection issue..

Of course, it bit them (and us) when the games became larger...

If the majority of games for the Amiga could have been installed on a hard disks, then I'm betting more Amiga users would have stretched and picked one up..

Fact is, there possibly were some, but I can't remember a PC game that wouldn't install on a Hard Disk...


Just one of the reasons the Amiga didn't dominate as it should have..


p.s. An Amiga 3000? I'm jealous!!!!
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