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I'm in the Bristol area. I have 2 original A1200s with HD expansions (one as a spare), still in working condition (though in need of replacement power supply, the A1200 one cuts out intermittently).
I did order a RAM board which turned out to be defective, so for now I'm stuck with a mammoth 2MB Chip Ram on the 'real thing'...

I mostly use WinUAE for my Amiga needs. My HP Pavilion laptop runs it pretty flawlessly, while even my Atom-based Acer Aspire One netbook can run many AGA games full-speed on the go (as well as other platforms), and even Amiga Quake and AB3D2 are playable! This is useful for saving wear and tear on old hardware too.

I have an old 40" back-projector TV, which works with both my HP laptop and real A1200 in both PAL and NTSC modes. Always a useful addition...
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