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So what did happen to the original UAE in the end?

Did it just sort of end and get fragmented into a few little UAEs?

I know WinUAE has been around for almost as long as UAE has, but it wouldn't be uncommon for one to assume nowadays that it's the original deal as it's the most frequently updated and no doubt the most feature-packed.

I've heard people say good things about UAE4Droid but I'm not convinced so far..... probably because the little Android tablet I got my hands on recently (mainly for testing purposes) doesn't do multi-touch very well, and I tried many emulators on it. Well, that and UAE4Droid ran hella slow on the thing and there's no bilinear filtering support, but I suppose it's early days still.

I'll just have to continue to hold out hope that one day we'll be able to undergo ClassicWB and CDTV/CD³² shenanigans on a small form-factor handheld.
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