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Amiga Quake demo

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Quake testing: I'll do it if there is single archive (without original quake pak files) that can be unpacked to empty directory. Anything more complex: not worth the trouble.
Here's the shareware version of Quake (1.06) with Frank Wille's Amiga 68k build (1.09) added:
(Seems to work with the 1.06 DOS demo pak0.pak file included) (7.07 MB)

Just unpack the RAR, copy libs/wizard.library to LIBS: (if needed), and run from Workbench with the Quake_GUI icon.

This archive also includes the MS-DOS version (quake.exe).

Edit: This has also been uploaded to the HOL FTP (QuakeSW+Amiga68k.rar).

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