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Originally Posted by Fabie View Post

there no pullups on my joy----you still don't understand what we're discussing
when I press 2nd button is like if I join pin9+ground.....
that's equal to original amiga joy 2nd button
I understand perfectly that you have modded a pad that was not made for the amiga nor the megadrive.

At first sight, i though (and maybe like other people here) that you were using an amiga or megadrive compatible pad with no pullups.

Tomorrow i pick a playstation pad and shit it does the same thing as you get, if it doesn't work, i try to get what's not working.

You want games that were made and coded for joysticks compatible on amiga/megadrive (any joypad or joystick will work with 2 buttons B and C with no pb), to run with customized hardware not made for the target computer hardware... (not counting the shitty Aladdin version that we can't even test on our own computers to make a cross test ! ).
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