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Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
And I thought the 4GHz models were an urban myth. Got water cooling?
I would be very interested to see such benchmark results if you have time. Could well be the fastest Amiga on earth.

I got something like a 900MHz 68040 in AIFF when running WinUAE + Direct JIT on my Core 2 Duo 2GHz. Not sure if that was accurate, or the result of benchmarking going awry under emulation.
(The same machine gives around 200MHz Pentium performance with DOSBox's x86-to-x86 JIT.)
Cooler is Corsair H50 (lazy man's water cooling, I started to hate huge and heavy heat sinks but didn't want to use "real" water cooling) I also noticed that powersupply quality is very important, my HX850 died, switched to my old model temporarily, near-insta crash unless I lowered OC to 3.6GHz.. Warranty replacement arrived, 4GHz works perfectly fine again.. (No special tweaks used, slight voltage increase and other minor adjustments)

i7 920 is the best ever CPU for overclocking. (second best is Celeron 300A )

Just say what benchmarks to do (do not ask anything silly like SysInfo or anything that gives random frequency values, they don't really mean anything)
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