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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

I haven't even started. My weekend-activities were "longer than planned". I have a life outside the office as well :-)

Who says you are allowed a life outside the office?

keep tinkering

Just kidding. Thanks for taking time out to answer my questions. Just thought I would ask what I am sure a few in the community were thinking. To be fair, I am sure most of us have something a little beefier than the original A600 21W power supply, even if it is a A500 60W supply. Fingers crossed on the disable switch. I only asked about that because I was sure I read somewhere you were not planning to do one for the A630. Maybe I confused it with the A1230 model.

Thanks again for the answers, and keep up the good work! keep building, and I will keep buying!

If you ever make it to London, I will buy you a drink!
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