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It is known that all 2-button games work perfectly fine with pads including pullups. (but I don't understand why they didn't trust HRM description and use output mode, it would have worked with both types of pads..)

I am trying to solve why some non-pullup joysticks/pads work with some Amiga models (or do they?)

Fabie, could you test if latest WHDLoad Aladdin (slave v1.4) have working second button? (with non-pullup pad) It does not work on my real A1200. Button gets stuck.

Potgotest program shows that button gets stuck on your Amiga, just like on my A1200 too.

Note that this does not test non-whd Aladdin second button read routine, it uses POT counters, not POT io-bits and this could be different. Different test program needed for this.

EDIT: I have same problem with that aladdin version.. crashes.
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