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Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
Just seen the pics, that is a work of genious!
Thanks - however, I'm far from "genious". I do my job and look for the obvious solution. Sometimes it requires things like to wake me up, and some other time, I don't fail that badly. Thanks anyway :-)

Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
1. Is there a minimum kickstart requirment?
Yes, there is. The A1200 version is best operated with Kickstart 3.1. Kickstart 3.0 does not find the memory, so you should upgrade. If you don't want to upgrade your kickstart, you can close the kick3.0 jumper. This will give you 1MB fastmem (where all the system stuff will be located), and after running the ACAtune tool, you'll have the rest of the memory added to the system.

The A600 card requires Kick2.0 or higher for the fastmem to be found. It's taking advantage of the Z3 autoconfig mechanism, which is not available under Kick 1.3.

The obvious question one might ask is why I didn't implement the same thing on the 1200 card: The answer is "not enough pins on the logic chip". The designs are substantially different.

Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
2. Seriously, any chance of a disable switch? (without dismantling the A600 and removing the whole kit!) just a jumper that we can add a cable and switch onto maybe?
More than just a chance:
Click image for larger version

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The disable-function is untested at this point and will not be tested until the mass-produced boards are here. I'm not planning to make another prototype run, as this feature is not a key feature. It may or may not work, with probabilities for "will work" being higher.

The A1200 version does NOT have this option.

Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
3. how did the heat test go?
I haven't even started. My weekend-activities were "longer than planned". I have a life outside the office as well :-)

Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
4. Approx power requirements for running all the setup as demoed in your pics (A603, indivision, accelerator and flashdrive on top of normal operations)
I will of course measure power during the heat test, because the power going into the computer is directly proportional to the amount of heat that needs to be dissipated. My guess is that the setup with flashcard and flickerfixer will be very power-efficient compared to a setup with a real harddrive and a floppy drive installed. It's the first accelerators with full 3.3V logic and low-power SD-Ram. The flickerfixer is known to be very power efficient with it's 1.5V core voltage, and the A603 is based on S-Ram instead of D-Ram, so there's every chance that the standard power supply will be sufficient for the whole thing.

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