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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
more WIP:

The new A600 prototype is now fully functional. The jumpers worked out as planned:

- both jumpers open: Nothing changed, all disk drives behave as expected

- "Bootselect" jumper closed:
-- internal floppy connector is disabled.
-- external floppy drives become df0: to df2: (if available)

- "noDisk" jumper closed:
-- all connected and unconnected disk drives appear empty (even with disks inserted), which speeds up boot-time on a totally floppy-less computer.

- both jumpers closed:
-- doesn't make sense. I could add something funny here, like swapping the joystick fire buttons port 0/port 1, but that's about as useless as making all drives appear empty and have them "shifted". I guess I can just leave this as-is, unless someone here has a useful suggestion.

Both jumpers closed could enable the Quantum Computer co-processor.

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