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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Fabie please use whdload versions of Aladdin and BCkid. I have 2 1200 that have not the
same rev, and it works.

aladdin supports in STANDARD 2 buttons joypad with no hardware modification !
Same for BCkid...
I know the Aladdin whdload version
but try the Aladdin version which I have uploaded to the zone
it's a nice release because it have a cracktro with trainer
but 2nd button not works in the new winuae version but works well on my A1200
it seems that developers of Aladdin developed the game on a A1200 Rev 1.x
while rev 2B was made later ...comes with a strange bug related to 2nd button

if whdload ppl talk about a fix of the 2nd button.....they don't know exactly but they talk about a fix for the A1200 rev 2B
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