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Interesting.. I do have rev 2B.

But it isn't that simple... There is ALWAYS at least one program that expect specific behavior.. (It may not have been found yet but it is guaranteed to exist)

AFAIK A500s have same behavior as current WinUAE (and my A1200), so perhaps this is actually a hardware bug in rev1x A1200s..

I guess it must be some extra resistor somewhere because Paula chip is identical.

Real hardware difference needs to be found until I can properly implement in WinUAE. It wasn't right in older version, it only _appeared_ to work but it can't be right because it would break analog joysticks.. (if winuae method would have been converted to real hardware)

btw, WinUAE is not supposed to be "better" Amiga, something working better generally means (not yet found) compatibility issue..
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