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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
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I just tested Aladdin AGA WHDLoad on my real A1200. Readme says 2nd button is fixed but it works exactly like on emulation, press once and it gets stuck. Works only with joystick or mouse with pullup resistors.

Either it is not fully fixed _or_ there are hardware differences
there are hardware differences between motherboards revisions regarding to 2nd button joystick
because on my A1200 2nd button on Aladdin works perfect and there are not pullups and no resistors on my joystick
my A1200 is rev 1.D1

I think you have tested the game on a REV 2B.....I remember there are issues with 2nd button on 2B motherboards....I had one and it had the 2nd button bug....2nd button joystick not worked on some games
I had also 1.D4 and haven't any bugs

so....I think it's better to return how winuae worked (2nd button joysick working on all games)
maybe that was discussed before but I think I'm right because the way winuae worked does not cause any problem and a more compatible winuae = better Amiga
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