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I just tested Aladdin AGA WHDLoad on my real A1200. Readme says 2nd button is fixed but it works exactly like on emulation, press once and it gets stuck. Works only with joystick or mouse with pullup resistors.

Either it is not fully fixed _or_ there are hardware differences. Note that current behavior matches HRM hardware description. (non-pullup button lines requiring output mode)

Easy test: Load Aladdin AGA WHD, set joystick option to "joypad: throw" (enables second button), start game, press second button.
Non-working: one "item" is thrown, both firebuttons stop working. Player still moves.
Working: multiple "items" can be thrown, fire still works.

If you don't have real 2 button joystick, put original Commodore mouse in port 2 and press right mouse button. (Third party mice may have pullups)

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