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Then use 1.6.0 and stop complaining or tell exactly whats wrong ("does not work", "is slow" are not bug reports). It can't get any simpler.

Note that I'll most likely never play those games that you play and which don't work correctly -> I NEVER KNOW ABOUT THOSE BUGS. My crystal ball isn't that good.

I don't support old versions or I'll get even weirder bug reports that say something like "1.6 does not work with this game and I don't want use newer versions". Ok, right.

<back to regular testing>

Midnight Resistance slowdown was simple side-effect of new audio DMA emulation. Game stupidly plays empty sample with period=1 (=fastest possible playback speed, which equals period check events about 1 million times per second!) and length=1 (countless audio DMA reset events) should fix the slowdown issue (at least partially, can't really confirm it 100%)
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