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The switch at the beginning gives you the possibility to go into the Treasure Room. If you don't press it, you are not going to make into the Treasure Room. So, you need to press it. By pressing it a trapdoor beneath one of the ladders on the left will open. Go there and you will see two buddies above you. If you have more than one extra life, after killing them you'll get the gold chest key. If you take it all the traps in the World will be activated. Go down using the ladder. A thief should appear. Do not kill him! He will jump and steal the Shield. Now place the chest key on the floor. The thief will come down for it. Kill him, take the shield, take the chest key and fast as you can go up. Pass the trap and wait until the shield wears off. Press the first switch. Treasure Key and a thief will appear. Let him take the key and lure him down using the chest key. Kill him and take both keys. You can go into the Treasure Room and have the chest key.
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