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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

neither is Gods ------ *aparently

Not as much as Cadaver anyway! I reckon that could have been the new Super Mario World with the right marketing

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Here's a question for you: what is it that makes a platform game more than good?

My choices in order of importance:

- lots of secrets to find
- smooth and fast gameplay
- colorful graphics
- plenty of action (either weapons or the old jump on the head stuff)
- cheery tunes
A good platform game for me has

Accurate controls - No cheap deaths. If I die I want to feel it was MY fault, not the controls.

Well balanced difficulty curve - It should start off nice and relaxed, and by the end be hard as nails.

Depth - lots of secrets and bonuses to find and keep me coming back for more.

Level design - Interesting and varied levels that make me want to explore them.

On the Amiga, the game that ticks all these boxes for me is Rainbow Islands. Fantastic game. Super Mario World on the SNES is also brilliant.
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