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Simple guide needed for setting up GVP Impact II HD8 hard drive

I bought a GVP Impact II HD8 hard drive the other day and I haven't got a clue how to set it up, as it didn't come with an installation disc or manual.

Would someone be able to provide me with as simple a guide as possible?

The drive apparently has a 40MB drive inside and I know this is working, as the orange hard drive light comes on when I put it to the 'boot from drive' setting.

I'm running WB 1.3 and is it true 1.3 doesn't support booting from the drive and I need WB 2?

When the drive's connected, Workbench shows 5MB of RAM, so it's got 4MB installed.

It feels like Christmas at the moment - been waiting for one of these drives for months.

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