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Gulliver you talk like i don't own a REAL (Classic) Amiga, i do own half a dozen. And they're my favourite retro machines. Clearly.

Talking about the dodo, a bird that is INDEED dead, and NOBODY talks about it, nobody
announces new products for it, neither has a forum like this to discuss about it.

Amiga is still alive since new hardware for old systems is produced, is alive since new hardware derivated from it is produced, and it's alive since we all talk about it and we
use it frequently. So i do disagree with you again. The difference between you and me
is the fact i have a wider sight than you, to be alive doesn't mean to sell in huge numbers. ^^

We can discuss for ages if new derivated hardware is Amiga or not, talking about purity, but we
just can't avoid the fact, they are related to the Amiga, and as long as new stuff related to
"dead" things is done, the dead will never be dead. Amiga was created like an idea, and the idea
is still alive, in fact ideas can't die, at least while people can remember them.
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