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Man, i do own a lot of retro machines, and Amiga and "derivates" (if you like more this expression) is the one that is not really dead.

And a PPC system designed on purpose to run Amiga software can be called AMIGA, the goal
is to run amiga software, not peecee software, nor mac software, nor commodore 64 software or whatever.

That's why it can be called AMIGA as well, concretelly new-age or new breed amiga.
Or if you want it so, amiga clone or amiga zombie or amiga derivate, however it's related to the amiga
and you can't change that fact.
Do you really believe a quad core G5 mac is really hardware related to a Mac II?
And they're still Macs.

Sometimes i feel like there are too many "Amiga-talibans" believing in the past glory and not giving a fuck for a feasible modest future.

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